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Transform your media spend into media investment that generates measurable results

Digital media.

We have the perfect combination of media, marketing and technology. We bring new and existing brands to life.

Google Ads

Advertise your brand when your potential customers search for related keywords and phrases. Be relevant and get conversions.

Media Planning

Plan your campaigns and media plan with an objective in mind. KPI-based planning allows you to maximize your target and your brand's return on advertising investment.


When used correctly, programmatic is a great way to reach the right audience at the right time, with high-impact creative and by leveraging sourced and third-party data.

Social Ads

Advanced targeting options using social data and enhanced pixel and look-alike features, combined with multiple creative options to reach and engage your audience.

Media Buying

Negotiate the best deals with major publishers through our team of media buying experts, both direct and through PMPs in the programmatic arena.


Focus on tangible results. Our team and proprietary technology will optimize your investment to maximize your direct return on investment.

online REPORTS

Live dashboards.

Our method.

By chasing performance and optimizing towards ROI, disintermediating and eliminating commissions and rebates charged by agencies to publishers, and focusing on the client's business the ShakeAgain team can get more for every penny invested by the brand.

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